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  • Let's Play
    by Cutter on February 18, 2010 at 6:58 PM
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    Grinning looking up at those who would oppose me through my scarred and crooked eyebrow, with a sickening grin, almost feral, almost mad, almost childlike. You want to play chicken, Scarecrow? I say let?s play, let?s go all in and see who remains standing, awake and doesn?t scream. Let?s whip ?em out, lay ?em on the table and see who can take the hammer blow and utter nothing but sighs, grunts and eloquent explicatives. Let?s get down to the game, let?s spin the cylinder and take turns on the trigger, but let?s point the steel at each other so it won?t be suicide! Let?s throw down with a degenerate game of rock, paper, scissors, and see who still has ten fingers at the end of it all! Do you think you can hurt me? Do you think that if you do, it won?t just make me hard, make me pant and make me want to fuck you over, that much more? Did you think that once I got out, I was ever going to put the jacket on again? Did you think that I was going to be reasonable? Really? Oh, that is priceless, almost cute and really fucking stupid. The Devil owes me thirty-seven lives from a bar bet and you thought you were going to best me in a game of who is the sneakiest, dirtiest player on the board. I passed go, collected ten million dollars and burnt down boardwalk you amateur. What the fuck have you done today? Copyright 2010 Cutter Murdoch

  • Loki Coughed
    by Cutter on February 3, 2010 at 12:06 AM
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    Recorded specifically for Wordmachinist. My first ever video, recorded in my living room by candle light with the heat off and the room temperature about 38 degrees. Hope you enjoy.

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