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Posted by Cutter on February 17, 2018 at 2:40 PM

I see you, dressed only in paint, beads,

herbs hanging like offerings, woven into your curls,

jewelry sculpted of bones and stones,

no metal to disrupt your lightning,

I see you naked yet wrapped in power,

dressed in storms of light,

of shadow…


In my dream (I was not sleeping…)

I saw you wreathed in pink smoke, it flowed around you,

in a serpentine river, like sunset clouds,

just catching fire with evening,

it encircled you like a gentle lover,

leading you to dance,

making you burn…


I heard her voice, soft, sing-song, golden,

like honey poured over sun warmed stones, molding itself,

to the curves of my brain, her chanting,

filled every corner of the moment,

I heard her prayer, her commandment,

heard her calling you to rise,

to waken the souls…


I closed my eyes (I was not sleeping…)

Her veve floated in the air before me, scarlet, elegant,

words formed themselves from the light,

“My daughter, I ask you to show them,

introduce them to their own raging beauty,

lend them your witch’s eyes,

so that they may see”


Your eyes, flared like lightning,

green in the gathering darkness, absinthe in ebony,

tears glittered like constellations,

all guiding the lost toward home,

throwing your arms wide you sang, you screamed,

calling on the suffering

to come, to be healed…


I watched you, remembering,

as they heard you and came, starving, sad and lost,

one by one, then by hopeful tribes,

they came to hear your promise,

“Let me show you how beautiful you are,

let me remind you my loves

of your own magic…”


I see you, dressed only in infernos,

smiling ever enchanted by the visions, by the lives

posing before you, soul naked,

wrapped in the magic of your spirit,

I see them finding themselves in your witchcraft,

you dare not disregard the dream,

as I was not sleeping…






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