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The MICCA Experiment-February 2006

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on September 15, 2009 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (3)

An excerpt from the forthcoming prose collection " The Dilaudid Files" by Jack Dilaudid

Only two months out of rehab and I was assigned to attend MICCA meetings. These are the kind of meetings where they send the socially unavailable ones. The cutters and child abusers. The crazies and the addicts. Mental disorders and drug abuse go hand in hand with our kind.

Dr. Bob was in charge. He was short and bald and li...

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In Need Of Something More

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 13, 2009 at 11:33 PM Comments comments (4)


I am in need

I am horny


more horny

in fact

than the priest lurking through the hallways

and classrooms

and playgrounds

at the church’s daycare program


my balls are full

almost bruised

pre-cum constantly seeps from my tip

my underwear are never clean


it’s to late tonight too hear her voice

the one I cum to so easily

without even ...

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I Almost Died The Other Day

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 9, 2009 at 1:18 PM Comments comments (6)

I sat comfortably on the leather reclyner

my feet in extension

my mind reeling

inhaling Century dust and lint remover until I saw God

She said "Hey stupid, stop doing this shit! take one more inhale and you will die"

I took another inhale


I don't remember much

just that my mother found me

and I twitched for days after

I can still taste the metallic flavor of the toxins


inhalants have broadened my pe...

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Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 7, 2009 at 9:34 PM Comments comments (5)


“listen,” I asked the doctor, “could you take a look at my dick?”

“why,” he returned, “what’s wrong?,”


he was an older man

grew up on early Sinatra

and joined in gangbangs behind closed curtains

members to secret packs of fuck clubs

while rooting for Eisenhower


his hair was grey

cheeks scarred

and pockmarked

a worn white button up s...

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Better Off Dead

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 3, 2009 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (12)

I lay on my couch


wanting to feel

but nothing is felt


nothing comes

nothing feels


sobriety has opened my mind

but opened it to a side I have hidden from for so long

the good times die down


I'm tied down

by all the wrongs of my past


and scared

and pissed

and horny


confusion at it's most powerful

until the fucking craz...

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The Mind

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 2, 2009 at 10:48 PM Comments comments (7)

It started with Indians

slid to Africans



to women

the Gays and Mexicans are on their way man

but ask an Indian

an African

a woman

if they are really free

only the ones that claim to be either on the left or the right will tell you they are


go to Spanish Harlem

or the beaches of Miami

ask the Mexicans

the Puerto Ricans


as the Republicans call them behind ...

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The Necrophiliacs Are Knocking At The Porn Show Door...

Posted by JEFF SIBLEY on August 1, 2009 at 2:11 AM Comments comments (8)

They?re trying to fuck us to death

and by fuck us to death

I mean

bleed us dry

beat us down

take every last



we have


we are living in a world

where sex

and violence does not only sell

it rules


in a world where racism

is supposed to be cured

by a summit between


the racist Cambridge cop

and the wronged black professor sharing ...

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