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The Shakespeare Man

Posted by DE Navarro on September 8, 2016 at 5:00 AM

Hope I'm posting this in the right place.

The Shakespeare Man


Alas my friend perchance that we should see
the twilight, Oh, the end of verse in rhyme,

or ever we should suffer such a fate
become the endless slaves of ever-time.

'Twill be such time I roll within the grave,
for long I've slept and such a day I've feared
return me Power—let me live anew,
so all the world again will be Shakespeared.

Within my bardic spell they shall be caught
I'll end this shame most singlehandedly
and waken them to slamming as I ought
an open mic for old grandstanding me.

Yo, yo, listen up now, the Bard is in the House:

I'm the Shakespeare man from a different century
and I got a lot of meter and a lot of history,
I wrote so many sonnets and I wrote so many plays,
they gave me credit for some shit, who wrote that anyways?
But I don't care I'm all in it, I do things my own style,
and if you listen up to me I'll make it worth your while;
you think you have the corner on profuse profanity,
I think I'll call the coroner, you abuse insanity.
I mouth off with the very best that ain't no fuckin' lie,
I'll put you shitheads all to rest, and make you whine and cry.
I'm the Shakespeare Man, the edge is mine, I claimed it years ago,
you have no mother fuckin' clue how radical I go—

—shift with me now—

I wrote the book on radicality
perplexed society in this locality
with impropriety of profuse verbality
old world variety; new age reality
spurn papal piety in dark mentality
my vanity's insanity has got the best of me.

So that's what I'm sayin' now and I ain't fuckin' messin',
I'm the old world bard with a new world slammin' lesson,
I'm not sorry that you'll never be as great as me don't pout,
I'm the Shakespeare man, I'm here to stay, be good, ya'll,
peace out!


©2015 DE Navarro and NavWorks Press




Haven't really refined this yet, I'm sure I'll tweak some things.


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