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I Will Walk on the Earth

Posted by Cutter on July 23, 2016 at 2:15 PM

I will walk on the Earth,

my shoes left somewhere far behind me,

toes curled in the grass, sand, dirt,

cool in clear waters, caked in mud,

marked by the miles passed,

I will walk on the Earth,

unfettered by strangling convention,

unbound and laughing

with the wind…


I will pass by the fences,

through gates, barred doors, over borders,

marked with signs, sigils, warnings,

climbing walls that interrupt the sight,

of the horizon that is my right,

pass by your checkpoints,

without asking your grace, your leave,

for you shall not, can not,

own one handful of Earth…


I will swim in the ocean,

unguarded, unguided, unregulated, alive

on the swell without hesitation,

diving to gather shells, stones, to feel

my lungs, warm with summer air,

pulling me upward

into the mad grace of afternoon,

the sky, impossibly blue,

filled with cloud beasts…


I will talk to the children,

learning their language and sharing it,

with the old men and old women

who offer me stories, their memories

treated like great treasures,

hidden away to be given,

only to the worthy who will carry them,

to someplace else, to plant.


I will defy your conventions,

at every turn, unabashedly myself,

I will create art with the red light

of your scorn, and the startling green

of your obsessive jealousy,

I will write verses, songs,

that your children will sing in the night,

while you insist on sleeping.


I was shaken by the mad beauty

of this exquisite June morning, I rose,

burning from within, aflame,

with the passion of all the days that I slept,

crackling on my skin, I shone,

I could barely breathe deeply enough

to honor how alive I was, how gigantic,

my soul felt, after so long…

So I will go for now,

I will walk on the Earth…




2016 Cutter Murdoch


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1 Comment

Reply Tammy Hendrix
1:52 PM on August 16, 2016 
Well spank me and call me slap happy! I came here to post and comment hoping to see some life and here you are! A recent piece on my favorite site from my favorite wordsmith! Lucky me! And I walked with you! Feeling every grain, blade, drop, and breeze. I felt you break past silly wannabe masters and listened along with the other children to your stories. I feel the wild in you every time I read you. And just to let you know, I have planted your awe inspiring words in the ears and imaginations of friends and family over these many years. This was a real treat to find here. Thank you, old friend.