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Posted by Marsha on February 18, 2018 at 12:55 PM Comments comments (0)

sitting in darkness


surrounded by echoes






i hide behind a false sillhouette

smoke and mirrors

sleight of hand

a rabbit in a hat

i hear but cannot speak

i see but numb to feel

i imagine without dreaming

kaleidoscope vision taints the horizion




if you could envision my soul

what would your next move be?


Posted by Cutter on February 17, 2018 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I see you, dressed only in paint, beads,

herbs hanging like offerings, woven into your curls,

jewelry sculpted of bones and stones,

no metal to disrupt your lightning,

I see you naked yet wrapped in power,

dressed in storms of light,

of shadow…


In my dream (I was not sleeping…)

I saw you wreathed in pink smoke, it flowed around you,

in a serpentine river, like sunset clouds,

just catching fire with evening,

it encircled you like a gentle lover,

leading you to dance,

making you burn…


I heard her voice, soft, sing-song, golden,

like honey poured over sun warmed stones, molding itself,

to the curves of my brain, her chanting,

filled every corner of the moment,

I heard her prayer, her commandment,

heard her calling you to rise,

to waken the souls…


I closed my eyes (I was not sleeping…)

Her veve floated in the air before me, scarlet, elegant,

words formed themselves from the light,

“My daughter, I ask you to show them,

introduce them to their own raging beauty,

lend them your witch’s eyes,

so that they may see”


Your eyes, flared like lightning,

green in the gathering darkness, absinthe in ebony,

tears glittered like constellations,

all guiding the lost toward home,

throwing your arms wide you sang, you screamed,

calling on the suffering

to come, to be healed…


I watched you, remembering,

as they heard you and came, starving, sad and lost,

one by one, then by hopeful tribes,

they came to hear your promise,

“Let me show you how beautiful you are,

let me remind you my loves

of your own magic…”


I see you, dressed only in infernos,

smiling ever enchanted by the visions, by the lives

posing before you, soul naked,

wrapped in the magic of your spirit,

I see them finding themselves in your witchcraft,

you dare not disregard the dream,

as I was not sleeping…






Taking Form

Posted by Shadow Wolfe on February 16, 2018 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Calling to the Mossy Oak

Words that curl by sooty smoke

Fires crack and spark so high

"I have a form to take this night.



From darkness, blood, and tears

She comes out of their fears

And laughing she ages expresses

The lustful sin her smile caresses.



So take the form and don't delay!

Her family is coming home today!"

And sleeping fae bursts into bloom

A pall to hang, like thread from loom



And running fast among the trees

She scrapes her face, and rends her knees.

But as she screams into the night

She drags the moon up to cast its light.

Back with a Broken Cello

Posted by Wordmachinist on February 16, 2018 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Back like a dagger in the gut
no more ruts...I am screaming machinery!!!

Broken cellos make the saddest laughter
not sure what I'm after but
seeds can lay dormant forever
broken machines that rust
may be polished once again
and to each of you my friends

Welcome back, to the machine.

J raymond davis 2018


Posted by Cutter on August 12, 2017 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Drifting through the spaces between,

I travel by alleyways, game trails, train tracks

through overgrown valleys, dripping in grape vines,

barking dogs, the relentless hum of human life

mere yards away.


My skull, is a bone jar filled with madness,

roaring ghosts, quiet poems, restless tongues.

my dreams have dragged themselves into the world,

making my visage ripple, shift, glimmering,

as it absorbs the light.


My hands are magician busy, eight armed,

like some forgotten Hindu god of storms of shaman,

I hold up chalices, vertebrae, plump, leech fat grapes,

dandelion golden serpents, calm, hypnotic,

swaying as I dance.


I drop seeds in the hollows made by my naked feet,

ancient trees, that will burrow down, cracking the foundations,

dig deep to find the veins of cold water, tasting of stone,

running like blood through the core of us all,

pulling us toward the moon.


A broken soul made of ten thousand masks,

ten million stories, all marked by subtle, dark variations,

tracing the origins of your bones, your lust, your skin,

marked by sigils that must be tasted

if they are to be read, at all.


I leave fires behind me, struck sparks, flint and steel,

into fridge drawings, love letters, tarot cards, predicting grief,

the flames unbound, left to spread, or die as they must,

called or quelled by the life force around them,

or the resignation.


Dressed in rags, in leaves, in skins, naked as the truth,

my skin painted, scarred, blemished, divine in its imperfection,

mottled as if made of all races, my colors restless,

shifting with my dreams, my songs, my laughter,

giving me wings when I dream.


My drumming hands, whisper, then scream for divinity,

calling down into those thrumming, humming, pulsing root paths,

surging up to stroke your core, your hara, the deep heat,

inside you that keeps threatening to die out,

I call on it to burn…


Sing me your soul song, dance for me unadorned,

come to the edge paths, the narrow passages, open your windows,

when the clouds are black to the west, bid me in with tea,

talk and the crying, aching beautiful story of you,

and the reckless geometry of my soul,

will become still,

for a moment…





CM 2017



Posted by Bsklgn on May 15, 2017 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Im infected by the genetics you passed to me

Poisoned by the soul I inherited from you

An evil sickness that ran through your veins 

Now courses through my own 

Our black hearts beat as one

A synchonization of genetics and fate

Each day I become more like you

Angry, Violent, Drinking

I can't stop what God has decided 

I cant stop the infection from spreading 

The Shakespeare Man

Posted by DE Navarro on September 8, 2016 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hope I'm posting this in the right place.

The Shakespeare Man


Alas my friend perchance that we should see
the twilight, Oh, the end of verse in rhyme,

or ever we should suffer such a fate
become the endless slaves of ever-time.

'Twill be such time I roll within the grave,
for long I've slept and such a day I've feared
return me Power—let me live anew,
so all the world again will be Shakespeared.

Within my bardic spell they shall be caught
I'll end this shame most singlehandedly
and waken them to slamming as I ought
an open mic for old grandstanding me.

Yo, yo, listen up now, the Bard is in the House:

I'm the Shakespeare man from a different century
and I got a lot of meter and a lot of history,
I wrote so many sonnets and I wrote so many plays,
they gave me credit for some shit, who wrote that anyways?
But I don't care I'm all in it, I do things my own style,
and if you listen up to me I'll make it worth your while;
you think you have the corner on profuse profanity,
I think I'll call the coroner, you abuse insanity.
I mouth off with the very best that ain't no fuckin' lie,
I'll put you shitheads all to rest, and make you whine and cry.
I'm the Shakespeare Man, the edge is mine, I claimed it years ago,
you have no mother fuckin' clue how radical I go—

—shift with me now—

I wrote the book on radicality
perplexed society in this locality
with impropriety of profuse verbality
old world variety; new age reality
spurn papal piety in dark mentality
my vanity's insanity has got the best of me.

So that's what I'm sayin' now and I ain't fuckin' messin',
I'm the old world bard with a new world slammin' lesson,
I'm not sorry that you'll never be as great as me don't pout,
I'm the Shakespeare man, I'm here to stay, be good, ya'll,
peace out!


©2015 DE Navarro and NavWorks Press




Haven't really refined this yet, I'm sure I'll tweak some things.



Posted by Tammy Hendrix on August 17, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I found a flicker weary
Fading in dusky solitude
Beaten over in persecutions
Damned through self-flagellation

Carrying burdens that don’t belong
Bruised by those who would use
Betrayed time and time again
Tormented and terrorized

Standing reserved, an observer
Untouched still, depravity lost
Kept for a higher purpose
Here to love, to be treasured

I found a flame wild
Blazing in moonlights glow
Released of encumbrances
Freed through self-love


Posted by Bsklgn on August 4, 2016 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Through smog and smoke

Past the bleeding oak

Beneath a misty cloak

Is where she did choke

I found her upon the grass

Her eyes shown like frosted glass

Her limp body, forgotten brass

Who could do this to such a lass?

Whispers came from the wood

I crept closer than I should

In the distance a tall man stood

His face obscurred by a hood

And with a shout he ran away

Farther and farther from his prey

I called for him to stop and stay

But he seemed to vanish at break of day

A sad misfortune out girl lies dead

Even worse her killer fled

All through town tears were shed

We must ne weary where we tread 

Bloody Monday

Posted by Bsklgn on August 4, 2016 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Black Monday, Bloody Monday

A rain of liquid pain

Drowning me, saving me

Long forgotten tears

Beat the man into the dust

Pay for his sins;

Greed, Envy, Lust

Treason against your family

Traitor to your son

The lies begin to unfold now

You should start to run

Drugs hit now; Faster, Harder

Blood pools in the street

When I catch you, Ill grind your bones

And pulverize your meat